What Causes Water Damage To Homes And Businesses?

There are many different reasons why homes and businesses suffer water damage. Understanding the most common causes can help you take precautions to protect your property. Check out our Facebook Page for more tips.

Damaged Pipes

What Causes Water Damage To Homes And BusinessesLeaking or burst pipes are the most common cause of water damage in both residential and commercial properties. Typically, the reason for the leak is a blockage causing extra pressure in the pipes. The culprit for this is often a blocked drain or toilet. Be vigilant for any signs of a pressure build up in the plumbing system, for example problems in the water flow from a tap. Calling in a plumber to check your pipes may seem costly, but in the long term it will be cheaper and less inconvenient than dealing with water damage.
If the property is relatively old, also be mindful of the fact that pipes and plumbing joins can deteriorate over the time. Make a habit of checking for leaks in obvious areas, such as under the sink, on a regular basis. Plumbing issues within the walls are much harder for householders and business owners to detect, but be wary if you notice any unfamiliar banging or rattling sounds in the pipes when you use the water supply.

Problems In A Basement Or Crawl Space

When water pools in a property and causes damage, it often happens in a basement or a crawl space (the area beneath your home where electrics and plumbing are installed). This is because these areas are especially prone to problems such as damp and mold, which can lead to structural damage and allow leaks. Always call in expert to check your home if you notice any signs that your basement has an issue with mold, such as a noticeable mildew smell.

Heating And Air Conditioning Units

Air conditioning units, and to a lesser extent heating systems, should be serviced on a regular basis to keep them in good working order. When their functioning becomes ineffective, moisture can build up and provide the perfect environment for mold to thrive in the air ducts. Like a damp basement, this will eventually lead to structural issues in the building and place your property at higher risk of water damage.

Home Appliance Malfunctions

Any appliance which is connected to water in your home is a flooding risk if it malfunctions. This will often be the hot water tank, a washing machine or a dish washer. Always ensure that the hose is connected securely during installation, and replace the hose immediately if it shows any signs of deterioration. Old and rusty pipes connected to an appliance can also cause water damage in a property.

Natural Disasters

Natural disasters such as flash flooding and storms cannot be prevented, but if you have sufficient warning you can take measures to protect your assets and possessions. Ensure that you have the details of your local water damage company to hand, so that you can call them promptly if a water extraction service is needed.

If your home does suffer water damage, calling in a water damage restoration company at an early stage will help to mitigate the amount of work which needs to be done.