Problems That Water Damage Causes To Homes And Businesses

Water Damage Causes To Homes And BusinessesAny type of water damage should be thoroughly inspected to see that there is not any steady source of water which could be adding more water to the problem. If there is standing water, it should be dried up and eliminated. If there are sources of humidity in a space, such as a crawl space, that source of humidity will need to be eliminated.

The reason for the seriousness of these statements is that excess moisture, humidity, or standing water provides an excellent environment for mold and bacterial growth to occur. Mold can be very serious because it can grow from a single spore into a thriving colony in a matter of 48 days. Mold gives of its spores in the air, and breathing them can be very unhealthy for humans.

Bacterial growth can cause similar problems. The main concern is that these organisms would get into the ventilation system of the home or business and that the circulating air in the building would become contaminated.

Mold needs a dark area, a source of water, and a place without any moving air to flourish. This makes a crawl space the perfect area for mold to take hold and take over. It can grow in and under walls, and behind them as well. The longer it is left alone, the larger the potential colony, and the more dangerous it can become.

The symptoms of mold are constant headache, sudden asthma, coughing and phlegm production, where common cold remedies don’t work, a feeling of malaise, and other respiratory ailments.

If a sewer pipe springs a leak, and it remains unknown to the homeowner or business owner, the resulting bacterial growth could be a major problem, and the potential for illness could be a real problem.

The best solution to the problem if it is discovered, is to locate an experienced flood water removal contractor to look into the matter. Someone who is experiences in the repair of situations such as these will be able to diagnose the extent of the problem with special equipment, and their employees will be able to fix the problem.

It is important that the homeowner or the business owner not attempt to repair these areas themselves, because of the hazardous nature of the area. The mold can be very much airborne and would be very dangerous if breathed, and the same would be true of a large bacterial outbreak due to a broken sewer pipe, for example.

The experienced contractor would work with special protective clothing so that they would be able to get close to the problem in order to properly diagnose the issue. Also, special negative air and sewer gas evacuation machines can rid the area of any noxious fumes and spores, so that the repairs could be made.

Once taken care of properly, an invested area of mold or bacteria will be no more, and any mold or bacteria will be eradicated, and the area will be totally cleaned and reconstructed as if nothing had happened in the first place.