Water Extraction

My house is flooded! What Do I Do Now?

No one saw it coming, but now you have a business or home filled with water. So much damage has been done, and more is on the way if you don’t remove the water. Austin Water Damage Restoration will help you.

Flooding Water Extraction

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Our water extraction service is second to none. The first step after any flooding is to remove all excess water. Work needs to be done quickly, efficiently and professionally. Austin Water Damage Restoration technicians are the key to all work our company completes.

Our people are tops in what the water extraction work we provide. Licensed and backed by years of experience, our technicians quickly assess any water extraction concerns, put in place a plan to get the water our of your property and place you on a path to get your property back in full working order. There is no guessing in our work. Our staff has seen almost every water damage situation you may encounter, and they know how to get water cleared and everything repaired.

Water Extraction – Not Done Yet

Once we’ve removed the water from your property, the next step is important and must be completed efficiently and effectively. Flooded areas can give rise to dangerous disease-producing microorganisms such as mildew, mold and bacteria. These dangers need to be decontaminated quickly. Our technicians use safe, but effective decontaminant products to wipe out any harmful pathogens lurking behind after water damage.

Water seeps into every crevice it can find and soaks everything in its path. Parts of your property won’t be destroyed by water, but did get wet. Water extraction leads to the next step.

Remove All Moisture

Any moisture remaining – in the door frames, under the flooring, in the wall studs, behind the cabinets, any hidden place – must be dried and done so as fast as possible. Our technicians will deploy powerful fans to push drying air into any water-damaged areas. Fans are placed in a specific pattern in any affected areas to hasten the drying process. Along with drying, workers will use powerful dehumidifiers to pull moisture from the environment and speed up efforts to dry out your property.

Water Extraction Fans

Drying and dehumidifying takes time, and property owners should prepare to be patient during this process. With all the fans and dehumidifiers running constantly, it may seem your property dries out quickly. To be sure the process is complete, our technicians use digital and thermal imaging technology to ensure all areas aren’t still suffering from moisture. It’s a thorough process that protects you and your property in the future.

Technicians will determine the “all dry” status of your property and then they’ll finish out the water extraction by deodorizing any affected areas. We use top-of-the-line products to refresh your property by cleaning and deodorizing throughout the work area. Deodorizing returns your property to a fresh scent like it was before the flooding.

Dry Out In Austin, Texas

Now you have a clear plan of action to start your water extraction. Call us any hour of the day, any day of the year to get the help you need. We’ll get to you quickly. Austin Water Damage Restoration operates throughout Austin and the Central Texas area. You don’t have to search any further, we can be on our way to help you with one phone call.

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