Water Removal

Safety Rules

Safety is the chief rule at Austin Water Damage Restoration. We focus on returning your property back to a safe environment as quickly as possible. When any unexpected flooding event occurs, your frustration and worry will turn into peace of mind when you know our water removal team is on site. Our technicians pride themselves on operating a safe recovery operation on your property. They secure the area for their own safety and then put into play every skill they possess to give you back what flooding has taken away. When our workers are finished, you’ll have a water-free, safe business or office.

Water Restoration Site Safety

Make Sure It’s Safe

There’s an initial shock when a flooding event occurs – so much water everywhere. With a natural flooding event – such as a river overflowing its banks – the water will naturally recede. But if the leak occurs from inside the home, just turning off the main water valve may not be enough. Some “specialists” will overlook the importance of finding the source of the leak, and many don’t possess the technology to be sure all leaks are sealed. Our technicians are equipped with the latest digital and thermal imaging technology to determine exact locations of any leaks. Leaks must be repaired before water removal can be completed in any area.

What Else Could Go Wrong?

Finding all the leaks in your home – and repairing them properly – ensures other safety hazards don’t crop up after water removal. Any moisture left inside your home – inside the walls, under the flooring, behind cabinets, even within insulation – can lead to the growth of other dangers such as bacteria, mold or mildew. These can easily prove more dangerous than initial water damage. Once water is removed and all leaks secured, our team will dry out, dehumidify and deodorize your property to get it back to normal working condition. You’ll be assured our work to remove all water is complete.

Peace of Mind

Water damage leaves an almost unbearable mess in its wake. Finding a good company to complete your water removal needs can seem daunting as your frustration mounts just trying to get the work started. Austin Water Damage Restoration technicians provide the peace of mind you’re searching for in this process. Our workers are licensed, bonded and insured every step of the way. Our company also works with insurance companies to provide exact estimates and work orders for water removal. We’ll step in to ensure you’re “hassle” is minimized in this often complicated process. Insurance is one less headache for you to endure.

No Hassle Water Restoration Site

Water Removal, Austin, Texas

Now you can get started with water removal from your property. Call us 24/7/365 to get the help you need. We’ll get to work for you. Austin Water Damage Restoration operates throughout Austin and the Central Texas area – from Buda to Marble Falls to Liberty Hill to Georgetown to Round Rock to Pflugerville to Del Valle – and all the places in between. You can get safe and secure with one phone call.

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