What Do Water Damage Restoration Companies Do?

Water Damage Restoration CompaniesThere are many reasons why a property may suffer from water damage, such as a broken pipe or a natural disaster. But whatever the cause and severity of the problem, it can create a lot of distress for the home owner. Often, the safest and most hassle free resolution is to call in one of your local water damage restoration companies to handle the clean up operation. But what exactly will they do?

Essentially, it is the company’s job to ascertain how much damage has been done, remove any excess water and carry out any necessary actions to restore your property back to its pre-flooded state. They will also work to determine the cause of the flooding, if it is not immediately apparent, and will give the home owner advice on what steps can be taken to prevent the incident from reoccurring. If appropriate, the company will implement the preventative measures themselves.

When water damage restoration companies first enter a property their priority is to make it safe. Home owners will sometimes have the presence of mind to turn off the electricity before vacating their property, but sometimes this is overlooked in the stress of the situation or there isn’t time to carry it out. If there is any chance of live wires being submerged in the flooded area then the home owner should let the contractor enter first, as they will have the experience to deal with risks such as electrocution. Sewage may also be a hazard in some flood situations, and commercial premises can have additional dangers such as chemical exposure to consider.

Water damage restoration companies will have industrial equipment to remove flood water, and dehumidifiers and fans to fully dry out moist areas quickly. Speed is essential during this step of the clean up operation, because the longer the property remains damp, the greater the risk is that mold will start to take hold. This is another good reason to call in the professionals to deal with water damage – it can take a home owner weeks to fully dry out a flood damaged property. After the area has been dried, it will also need to be sanitized to remove mold spores and any contamination from the water itself.

A restoration company will deal with any structural issues which developed as a result of water exposure, including damage to walls, flooring and roofs. Plaster is normally straightforward to repair, but wood paneling and wall board is highly porous and is likely to need replacing. In severe flood situations, home owners should be prepared for the fact that even the best water damage restoration company cannot salvage everything. However, the contractors will do their utmost to ensure that as much as possible will be returned to the state it was in prior to the incident.

Water damage can be a very upsetting experience, but with time your life will return to normal. Calling in a professional contractor will help restore your home to normal as quickly and efficiently as possible.